大发博彩娱乐所有网站 is a very successful 11 - 18 girls’ comprehensive school and converter academy. 大发博彩集团官方网址有高标准和高期望,大发博彩集团官方网址的目标是帮助每一个学生成功. A love of learning is our priority and the pastoral system supports girls in their academic and personal development. 的平静, caring and purposeful learning environment is commented on by all of our visitors and this helps our students to achieve beyond expectations and to be challenged to improve on their personal best.

学校在GCSE和A Level考试中都取得了良好的成绩, 曾在2003年和2007年入选英国教育标准局“杰出成功学校”名单.

这所学校的目标是培养自信心, 独立的, 灵活的, 自律和体贴的年轻女性. 这些女孩在课堂内外都有机会发展自己的学业, 体育, 创新和领导能力. 大发博彩娱乐所有网站 is a vibrant and exciting learning community of which all are proud to be a p艺术.



大发博彩集团官方网址为拥有全面而自豪 六年级和大发博彩集团官方网址的后16的规定是一个额外的力量的学校.  All students make progress beyond that which their prior GCSE attainment might dictate and achieve at the highest level in their A Level examinations.  The majority of our girls choose to progress to higher education; the impressive destinations list of Russell Group universities includes Oxbridge colleges. 



  • 都铎王朝的玫瑰

  • 1888

    伊莉莎白女王女子学校于1888年9月20日开学, 40名学生,年龄从5岁到18岁不等. 如图所示,它占据了罗素大厦,它位于现在的高街建筑的所在地.

  • 1894

    1894年,由于人数减少和财政问题,学校面临关闭的威胁. Two assistant mistresses namely Miss B A King and Miss Winifred Abbot (as seen above) saved the school as a private undertaking. “大发博彩集团官方网址”这个名字从城门上移除.

  • 1909

    Miss Abbott took sole charge of the school in 1898 and took the school back to Public School status in 1903. 学校继续扩大,到1907年底,学生人数已增至200人. 郡议会出资重建了1909年竣工的学校.

  • 1920

    Miss Abbott retired in 1920 and pupil numbers had risen to 420 girls who were accommodated in a space intended for 250. 在大厅里上课, in corridors and in temporary classrooms in the form of army huts built in 1919 which continued to be used for over twenty years.

  • 1921

    In January 1921 Miss Gertrude Clemment became headmistress bringing with her a greater emphasis on physical education (PE). 她为学校任命了第一批专职体育教师, 引入强制健身房,修建网球场和网球场.

  • 1927

    To accommodate the expanded population the school was rebuilt adding the building we see today on the 高街. 它合并了新的教室, 一间家庭科学室, 图书馆, 教研室, 衣帽间, 看护人季度, 餐厅及厨房. 也是在这一年,老女孩协会成立,并在今天继续蓬勃发展.

  • 1938

    During the 1930s the school introduced the School Council which was a very radical innovation to give students a voice long before the idea became fashionable. 1938年新建的建筑, 包括礼堂和教室由肯特公爵夫人开放.

  • 1938

    在学校礼堂和建筑正式开放的第二天, 11月5日星期六, 在巴内特教堂见证了学校的第一次感恩节仪式. 女孩们成双成对地在大街上排队参加,直到1985年,这一直是一项一年一度的活动.

  • 1939

    巴兰在1939年战争爆发前加入这所学校担任校长. 秋季学期的第一部分是用来准备学校建筑物停电的, 加固走廊和地下室,装设门窗沙袋. 这所学校在战争期间仍然开放,延续了纪念日的传统,并开办了暑期学校, 因为离开不是一个选择.

  • 1954

    随着学校人数的不断增加,又需要更多的空间. The 1951 inspection by His Majesty's Inspectorate of Schools noted the cramped and unsuitable conditions for school dinners which were being taken in the sixth form rooms, 家庭科学室和餐厅. This was adressed by the opening of a new kitchen and dining room on an acquired piece of land adjacent to the Meadway.

  • 1957

    1957年11月17日,英国女王伊丽莎白二世访问了该校. This was the young Queen's first visit to a state school and was a very significant event for all pupils and staff at the time. The Head Girl and games captains presented the Queen with gifts for the young Princess Anne and Prince Charles. 接着是女王的几句话——这是她第一次即兴演讲!

  • 1961

    Miss Marjorie Payne became headmistress in 1961 having the formidable task of following the well-respected Miss Balaam. 她在大发博彩集团官方网址的17年可以被总结为一个变革的时期, 重组及建筑工程.
    它包括许多新建筑, 制服的改变, 废除六年级制服, 一改成为综合教师的举动,以及第一位男教师的到来, 在地理上!

  • 1963

    都铎式住宅购于1949年,为六年级学生提供潮湿的小房间. 1963年,这座大楼被拆除,为一座新的艺术大楼让路. Also another block containing lecture rooms and the Freeda Balaam Memorial Library was opened in this year.

  • 1965

    The school benefited from many new buildings during the 1960s and following the redevelopment of the area vacated by Tudor House work got underway on the swimming pool. This has continued to be an asset both to students at the school and the wider local community since it was opened in 1965.

  • 1973

    大发博彩集团官方网址的学校在今年变成了一所综合性学校,随后发生了更多的变化. It was around this time that school dresses were phased out in favour of the kilts we have today in two shades of  blue.

  • 1975

    向综合学校的转变也带来了学生人数的增加. 容纳这, 就在米德韦餐厅被拆除之后, 一幢新的五层大楼落成. 除了更换厨房和餐厅外,新设施还包括科学实验室, 艺术教室和技术教室.

  • 1978

    佩恩小姐退休后,伊丽莎白·戈德比小姐被任命为女校长. 在她上学期间, 在从语法改为综合课程之后,她引入了更广泛的课程. 这包括诸如设计和技术、儿童保育和计算机科学等学科. 在她的任期内,为了支持不断增长的学生人数,还引入了学年校长制度.

  • 1985

    Mrs Muriel Brewer-Blakely became headmistress and during her time at the school there were several changes namely; stopping the Commemoration Day service at the church as they could no longer accommodate the student numbers, 课程从普通教育水平改为普通中等教育证书, 工作经历介绍.

  • 1990

    在新校长的指导下, 利比科尔曼女士, 跨学科活动, 推出并扩大了小型企业周和学校参观活动. Many of the principles are still seen in school today in the form of enrichment days and ‘The Apprentice Challenge’. A large emphasis was also put on enlarging the number of subjects available in the 六年级 due to the increased competition from other post 16 schools and colleges.

  • 1991

    1938年建造的学校礼堂在一次纵火袭击中被烧毁,灾难继续发生. 经过一段时间的大破坏后,重建工作开始了. The school took this as an opportunity to enhance and increase the accommodation available by building a two storey stucture containing the school hall, 新图书馆, 中六学习区及音乐室.

  • 1995

    One of the first things the new headmistress Miss Anne Shinwell had to manage was the rebuilding of the school hall. 在她任职期间,这所学校因音乐而名声大噪, 艺术, 戏剧和体育蓬勃发展. Copthall体育场成为学校年度运动会的场地. 这也是大发博彩集团官方网址在1997年第一次进行OFSTED检查的时候.

  • 2000

    随着新千年的到来,今年又任命了一位新校长, 凯特·韦伯斯特夫人, who continued to hold with the school's ethos for excellence and high standards as well as taking advantage of opportunities for the school. 其中包括筹集50英镑,000 to support the school's first specialism in Media Arts followed by a second specialism in Mathematics and Computing.

  • 2013

    大发博彩集团官方网址的125th 周年, 大发博彩集团官方网址的女孩们, 在19年的分手之后, 沿着大街走到教堂参加纪念仪式. 在大发博彩集团官方网址的125夏日野餐会上,学生和家长们都玩得很开心. 这一年的结束是一个教师盛装日, 125年来的运动服装和125年的夏季舞会.



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